This is a Token Ring and although it is often referred to as a "Stargate" or a "Wormhole" it is actually just one of millions of egress points placed thought the multi-dimensional universes by the Intergalactic Federation and its predecessor the Confederation of Independent Planets for the purpose to near instantaneous travel between universes, as well as  local, and far distant galaxies.These Token rings are in operation today and used currently by our off-planet Space Navy and other types of ET craft coming and going though out both time and space without regard or the knowledge of the mass population of planet Earth.

"Token" Rings

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Timestream Pictures has Action Movies, Books, and HD Video Production.

Timestream Pictures Motion Pictures And Books. Movies Playing Hitler's Escape To Argentina, Fastwalkers, Safespace Project, UDOs Chronicels DVDs and Aliens. Timestream Pictures exposing the lies, and cover-ups of the media, and the NWO.
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Timestream Pictures Action Movies And Books

"Safespace The Briefing" screenplay is also available as a pdf downloadable file so just click Buy PDF button to receive it isnstantly.

"Safespace The Briefing" screenplay is a greatly expanded story based on the Safespace book and is in a easy to read screenplay format. It is available as a four-color printed 81/2" x 11" book and if ordered from our website can be autographed, but it is a limited item which will not be reprinted...  so order yours now.

"Safespace," the book, and "Safespace The Briefing" screenplay tells the story of Regon Varce and his attempt to help save planet Earth. The book by Robert D. Miles, won the "Editors Choice" award from iUniverse publishing . 

Fastwalkers Open Files Trailer One

Fastwalkers Open Files Trailer Two

Safespace Team Member's Get Special Discounts

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Fastwalker Feature Film Trailer

Safespace The Vision

Safespace Team Membership



The Starship "Titha".

As it emerges from "fifth space" into the three dimensional universe through a "Token Ring" positioned near Jupiter. The Titha is over three miles long and is gold coated. See the "Safespace" book or "Safespace The Briefing" screenplay for more information.

"This is your opportunity to experience a whole new and exciting way of life. If you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work come sail with us.thing." - Robert D. Miles from the .Safespace Project Handbook.

There are currently two different types of Safespace Team memberships available. Both are offered "Free of Cost" to all individuals regardless of race, gender, age, occupation, creed ,or religion.Please watch "Safespace The Vision" video for our goals and objectives.

Safespace Team Membership only requires your mental agreement to our mutual goal of working together as team members to create a better world. Please watch "Safespace The Vision Video" our goals and objectives.

Safespace Special Team Membership is offered to those unique individuals who wish to contribute their creative efforts and skills to bringing about one of the Safespace Projects "Special Projects". These projects allow team members to not only experience the challenge of participation but to earn income as well.

An example of a Special Team activity was our earlier project of creating the feature film "Fastwalkers" which won worldwide acclaim and was distributed to the entire Presidential staff, the US Congress, and the Canadian Parliment. For more information click the link for Fastwalkers.

The Fastwalkers Open Files library collection of DVDs is another ongoing "Safespace Special Team" project which provides amazing interviews of many of the top researchers and experiencers from around the world. There are currently 4 DVDs available and 4 more will be released shortly.

Interested? If so simply send us an email requesting membership. We will send you periodic update bulletins keeping you updated about future projects and activities you may have an opportunity to choose to participate in.

This is your opportunity to become part of a great adventure. Regardless of your age, sex, race or occupation, the SafeSpace Project can use your help.

One of the first steps is of course to read the book and see if it "strikes a cord" or as some people say, "if it resonates with you on a higher harmonic."

Please remember when reading the book that the Safespace Team members reflected in the Safespace book are composite personalities created by the author. Total commitment as spoken about in the story is neither required, nor expected.

SafeSpace Team Members will enjoy special benefits and opportunities. Contact us now and please give us some information about yourself. Simply share with us your ideals, goals, and interests.

We are currently working on additional Safespace Special Projects. We  also welcome any idea's you might have and would enjoy knowing about your personal experiences.

Membership information will be held in strict confidence and will not be made public or sold. Your trust is important to us. If at anytime you no longer wish to be a team member simply send an email with your name and the word “Remove Me” in the subject line to

Ad Astra “To The Stars!” High Regards.... Robert D. Miles Creator/Founder