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We are happy to announce that the Starseed LLC. has optioned the "Starseed" motion pictures script from Robert D. Miles. Pre-production is in devolpment.

Seventy years ago a mysterious crash occurred in the desert beyond Roswell New Mexico. Ever since, there has been much debate about whether or not ETs had crash landed on Earth or whether the official explanation of a weather balloon is all there is. If there really was a crash landing by extraterrestrial travelers, what was their motivation for coming here? How could they travel such great distances and survive? And do they come in peace or with malevolent intentions or are they just indifferent to us?

The creators of “Starseed” are on an important mission to get a message out to the world promoting peace, acceptance, and open-mindedness regarding ETs and their relationship with mankind. If you believe mankind is capable of attaining higher states of consciousness, and that we can uplift ourselves for the greater good, this project is for you!

We want to change the way “Hollywood” has portrayed ETs and a doomsday future they envision

for us all.

Perhaps our film will help inspire each of us both here and afar to be receptive to new realities with a more positive outcome. It’s time! With your support, if we are successful at reaching our goal, we will be able to distribute “Starseed” to a global audience in multiple languages.

We want to make more films of this kind. If we supersede our goal, you get to vote on a prequel or sequel to “Starseed”.

Please help us rewrite the next chapter of our collective story to create a more dynamic paradigm shift here on planet Earth while there’s still time.