The Safespace Vision by Robert D. Miles founder of

the Safespace Project, This clip was filmed in Germany and is only about 3 minutes long.

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The Starship (Titha) emerging into the 3 dimensional universe through a "Token Ring" near Jupiter. See the "Safespace" book or "Safespace The Briefing"

screenplay for more information.

Welcome to the "SafeSpace Genesis Two" Project.



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Here is your chance to help create a technologically advanced, environmentally balanced model community. 

Genesis Two will be located on a tropical island and will be constructed by the Safespace Team. Alternative energy systems, organic farming, and site construction ranging from geodesic domes to thatched roofed cabana styles will be employed.
If you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work then the Safespace Project is interested in hearing from you. Send us your ideas

Are you ready? Do you dare to dream'?

Anyone interested in being a part of the special team and working to help create our  Safespace Genesis Two project should email us their pertinent biographical information as soon as possible.

Simply click on the green button and please put in the subject line "Safespace Genesis Two Project". We will be happy to wecome you aboard. High Regards ... Robert D. Miles founder.

     The Safespace One Prototype Vessel Designated (SS-1-P)

The Safespace One Prototype Vessel designated (SS-1-P) while still a concept ship, is currently under construction in the virtual universe. We invite you to assist us to make this dream become a reality.

Once actual construction begins our plans are to also use the SS-1-P in as a movie set.  Construction will begin immediately once funding, and personnel have been secured.
Experienced ship builder and sea captain, Robert D. Miles has been working diligently to develop plans for a shipyard construction area as well as working out construction details and personnel  requirements for building the ship.

Anyone interested in being a part of the special ship construction team should email us their pertinent biographical information as soon as possible.
The actual vessel, the SS-1-P, will be approximately 130 feet long and 80 feet  wide, with five decks. The vessel will have approximately 25,000 sq. ft. of  living and working area and wilh accommodations for twenty crew members and their families as well as spacious accommodations for up to ten guests.

While different locations are being considered for the actual construction of  the ship, Chattnnooga, Tennessee USA currently tops the list of  possible locations. Located on the Tennessee river Chattanooga and its surrounding communities have numerous  connecting waterways which can easily support an ultra-modern shipyard with local support  and skilled craftsmen available to assist the special Safespace construction  team to rapidly assemble the ship.

Upon completion of the film the SS-1-P will begin a tour of East coast rivers, and cities and then head on a tour of virtually every major port on planet Earth.

Major media will be involved and film, video, motion picture, radio show host, and public relations, product placement, and people of all talents and abilites are invited to apply

"This is your opportunity to experience a whole new and exciting way of life. If you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work come sail with us.thing." - Robert D. Miles from the .Safespace Project Handbook.

Robert Miles interview. In 1972 Robert Miles was secretly transported to Jupiter aboard a friendly ET spacecraft. Arriving at Jupiter, Robert met with other select humans who were all given a special briefing by ETs that showed the future and fate of Earth if humanity does not change its present course of self destruction.