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Robert D. Miles,   Filmmaker/Screenwriter/Author

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Author, Director of Marketing & Distribution, Screenwriter, Transmedia Producer,
Line Producer, Director, Editor, Camera Operator, Director, and Marketing/PR

Robert Miles is an industry professional with a forty-seven year track record of
successfully doing business with a number of America’s largest and most
prestigious entertainment and business corporations.

He is the President/Content Producer/Editor/Writer for Timestream Pictures which has in production and release, a number of current film projects and a on-going YouTube channel.

His new feature film “Hitler's Escape To Argentina” has just been released on both video download and DVD. See the
entire 1 hour and 30 minute film on Vimeo at  or the trailer on Youtube at

He is also a major content producer/director/writer for the high-impact motion picture series entitled “UFO Chronicles” with (6) films in release. See the trailer at

His formal work includes the authorship of numerous books, screenplays, video scripts, magazines, newspaper articles, and feature stories. He was nominated for a local Emmy award for his early travel documentaries “Come Sail Away” and “Quartzite: An American Adventure.” He has received numerous other awards and recognition for his motion picture work as well as for his published books and articles.

Robert has produced numerous films for television, full-length features films and documentaries, and hundreds of television commercials, many of which he wrote and directed. He has sold film products to Reality Entertainment, Netflix, Amazon, Vanguard Cinema, HBO, Showtime, On Television, and the Z Channel and numerous other marketing outlets.

Robert is the Executive Producer/Producer/Writer of the award winning UFO and ET feature film “Fastwalkers" which won the prestigious “People's Choice” EBE Award from the International UFO Congress and also the “Best Music” EBE Award. See for more information. “Fastwalkers" had a number of sold-out theater premieres in New York; Phoenix; Washington, DC; Hawaii; Roswell, New Mexico; and Toronto, Canada.
“Fastwalkers” was given to every member of the Congress of the USA and the Presidential Staff, and every member of the Canadian Parliament.

He was also the Executive Producer and Line Producer for the general release motion picture “Ice Cold In Phoenix “ which was premiered in Milan, Italy and is currently in major distribution..

Robert has twice been a speaker at the X-Conference in Washington, DC and has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences throughout the United States and internationally. He was also a guest speaker at the International UFO World Day Conference in Roswell, New Mexico on its fifth year anniversary.

Additionally,Robert is the Writer/Director/Producer for the ongoing UFO and ET feature film series, ”Fastwalkers Open Files” which has a library of (7) one and two-hour feature films in distribution.

 “Lycandroids Super Soldiers and the Freedom War” and “Stargazer Project ” are his most recent science fiction novels which are based upon a real creature and other non-fictional information. See on Amazon

His earlier novel “Safespace" received the Editor's Choice Award and is based upon Robert's own UFO-Extraterrestrial experience. See on Amazon

See for his personal extraterrestrial experience which took place In 1971, while living in Hawaii. At that time, Robert was invited aboard a spacecraft and took an extended tour of our solar system. He also received a briefing on the future of planet Earth by these advanced Beings. 

His book “SAFESPACE “ was published in 2003 and his screenplay, “Safespace The Briefing” is currently in pre-production and documents the briefing by these friendly Beings. 

Robert has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows including Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Kevin Smith Show, The Jeff Rense Show, Conscious Evolution Media Network, PBS. and the Jerry Pippin Show.
See our page Information Links for links to several of these interviews.

For over twenty-two years Robert was the owner of Robert Miles and Associates and later co-owner of Miles and Associates, a full-service advertising agency in California and Arizona, USA.

An avid adventurer, Robert has designed and built four large sailing vessels and sailed to Hawaii, Baja, Mexico; and Honduras... living and breathing boating and the RVing lifestyle. He is also a gold miner and was the Publisher/Writer/Photographer for the four-color gold mining magazine, “Modern Gold Miner and Treasure Hunter”. 

Contact Information and Links:

Robert D. Miles 4412 Wild Horse Court Ooltewah TN 37363
Phone: 423-453-4911 
Skype:  Varce0 or Robert D. Miles in Ooltewah TN,  USA

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