Here the Fairweather One 67' Catamaran Sailing Vessel is shown while under construction. Only one hull is show as it awaits transport to Long Beach, California for assembly. It was at that time one of the largest vessels of its type in the world. Fairweather One was designed by Robert and built by a large number of partners in one year,

Currently, Robert and his company, Timestream Pictures, is in pre- production on a TV series entitled "Deadly Dogmen" which is scheduled for media release in early May.

His feature film “Hitler's Escape To Argentina” has just been released on both video download and DVD. See the entire 1 hour and 30 minute film or trailer on Vimeo at

He is also a major content producer/director/writer for the high-impact motion picture series entitled “UFO Chronicles” with (16) films in release. See

His formal work includes the authorship of numerous books, screenplays, video scripts, magazines, newspaper articles, and feature stories. He was nominated for a local Emmy award for his early travel documentaries “Come Sail Away” and “Quartzite: An American Adventure.”

He has received numerous other awards and recognition for his motion picture work as well as for his published books and articles.

Robert has produced numerous films for television, full-length featuresfilms, and documentaries, including hundrerds of television commercials, many of which he wrote and directed. He has sold film products to Reality Entertainment, Netflix, Amazon, Vanguard Cinema, HBO, Showtime, OnTelevision, the Z Channel, and numerous other marketing outlets.A large body of his TV and film work is in worldwide distribution on major streaming channels, as well as on DVD.

Robert is the Executive Producer/Producer/Writer of the award winning UFO and ET feature film “Fastwalkers" which won the prestigious “People's Choice” EBE Award and also the “Best Music” EBE Award, .from the International UFO Congress.

See for more information. “Fastwalkers" had a number of sold-out theater premieres in New York; Phoenix; Washington, DC; Hawaii; Roswell, New Mexico; and Toronto, Canada.

“Fastwalkers” was given to every member of the US Congress, the Presidential Staff, NASA, and every member of the Canadian Parliament.

He was also the Executive Producer and Line Producer for the general release motion picture “Ice Cold In Phoenix “ which was premiered in Milan, Italy and is currently in major distribution..

Most recently he optioned his script "Starseed" to the newly formed Starseed LLC team based in Arizona. Filming is set to begin shortly in the greater Phoenix area.

Robert has twice been a speaker at the X-Conference in Washington, DC and has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences throughout the United States and internationally. He was also a guest speaker at the International UFO World Day Conference in Roswell, NewMexico on its fifth year anniversary.

Additionally, Robert is the Writer/Director/Producer for the ongoing UFO and ET feature filmseries, ”Fastwalkers Open Files” which has a library of (8) one- and two-hour feature documentary films in distribution.

“Lycandroids Super Soldiers and the Freedom War” and “Stargazer Project ” are his most recent science fiction novels, co-authored with Leslie Mitts, which are based upon a real creature and other non-fictional information. See on Amazon alias%3Daps&field-keywords=lycandroids

His earlier novel “Safespace" received the Editor's Choice Award and is based upon Robert's own UFO-Extraterrestrial experience. See on Amazon Paperback/dp/B00A9ZIHQU/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_2? ie=UTF8&qid=1407861669&sr=8-2-fkmr0&keywords=safespace+robert+d. +mills

See for his personal extraterrestrial experience which took place In1971, while living in Hawaii. At that time, Robert was invited aboard a spacecraft and took an extended tour of our solar system. He also received a briefing on the future of planet Earth by these advanced Beings.

His book “Safespace“ was published in 2003 and his screenplay, “Safespace: The Briefing” is currently in pre-production and documents the briefing by these friendly Beings.

Robert has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows including Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, The Kevin Smith Show, The Jeff Rense Show, Conscious Evolution Media Network, PBS, the Jerry Pippin Show, and Late Night In the Midlands show. See Timstream Pictures Information links for several of these interviews.

For over twenty-two years Robert was the owner of Robert Miles and Associates and later co-wner of Miles and Associates, a full-service advertising agency in California and Arizona, USA.

An avid adventurer, Robert has designed and built four large sailing vessels and sailed to Hawaii; Baja, Mexico; and Honduras. He has undertaken film projects in Tahiti and Nicaragua.

He has enjoyed living and the boating and the RVing lifestyle. Robert is also a gold miner and was the Publisher/Writer/Photographer for the f our- color gold mining magazine, “Modern Gold Miner and Treasure Hunter”.

Currently, he is one of the Executive Producers on a reality based TV series entitled “Deadly Dogmen” which is based on an original concept by Leslie S. Mitts, the content creator of this Crypid based series. “Deadly Dogmen” is currently in pre-production under the Timestream Pictures banner. Actual series production is projected to begin in early June of this year.

For more information visit dogmen-tv-series.html

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Robert D. Miles on IMDB at ref_=tt_ov_dr#producer

The UFO Chronicals series of programs on Amazon Prime
"Hitler’s Escape To Argentina" Trailer and download on Vimeo http:// 19166/103079402 and "Hitler’s Escape To Argentina" Trailer on YouTube Timestream Pictures channel. Follow Robert on Twitter at

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Robert featured, holding two prestigious EBE Awards. One the “People's Choice” and also the “Best Music” EBE Award from the International UFO Congress for his film "Fastwalkers".

Timestream Pictures Motion Pictures And Books. Movies Playing Hitler's Escape To Argentina, Fastwalkers, Safespace Project, UDOs Chronicels DVDs and Aliens. Timestream Pictures exposing the lies, and cover-ups of the media, and the NWO.


Here is a series of photos from our organic farm called "Mile High Ranch" in northeastern Arizona. The greenhouse was made from salvaged glass doors and helped heat the house as well as the plants during the cold high desert nights. The house was a log cabin, moved in from over 65 miles, using a house mover. We had our own 10 KW generator, as well as solar, for our electric. Our produce was sold to health food stores in Phoenix, Arizona, a trip of over a hundred miles to market.

Miles & Associates, Robert's Ad Agency has been providing Corporate & Business Graphics and Video Production services, and making Motion Pictures For Over Thirty-six Years.

The "The Kings X"  a 45' trimaran built in Los Angeles, California  and was sailed to Mexico in 1973. This ship was stolen in Acapulco and never recovered. The vessel was only launched five months earlier. The Kings X was one of the ocean going vessels designed by Robert and build by him and several associate partners.

Call for Information - [423-453-4911].  We are open 7 days a week.

Robert has been an Independent Film and Motion Picture Producer For Over Ten Years. Currently he has over 18 film in world wide distribution on such prestigious platforms as Amazon Prime, Netflick, Vimeo, Itune, and other websites though out the world.

An avid adventurer, Captain Robert D. Miles has designed and built four large sailing vessels, owned numerous boat of various sizes and descriptions including the "Fairweather One" which at the time it was launched was the largest motor-sailing catamaran in the world. Robert and his partners and crew built the ship which Robert designed in Phoenix Arizona. Upon completion the vessel was transported by flat-bed trucks to Long Beach California. A long time sailor  Robert has owned and operated over 24 boats and ships and made films throughout the United States as well as in Hawaii, Baja, Mexico; and Honduras. He has undertaken film projects in Tahiti and Nicaragua as well as numerous other countries through the world.

This is a "Token Ring" and although it is often referred to as a "Stargate" or a "Wormhole" it is actually just one of millions of egress points placed thought the multi-dimensional universes by the Intergalactic Federation and its predecessor the Confederation of Independent Planets for the purpose to near instantaneous travel between universes, as well as  local, and far distant galaxies.

Drinking some of the worlds best brewed coffee in Mexico at the very place that Francisco "Pancho" Villa started the Mexican war for independance in 1916

Leslie S. Mitts and Robert D. Miles standing with the publisher of the Roswell Daily Newspaper. His wife is also featured standing next to the Starwars Troopers at this Roswell International 50 Year UFO celebration where a Red Carpet premeire of Fastwalkers was also held.

Our windmill was reconstructed after discovering it in a junkyard ready to be scrapped. Built in 1931, it was a relic from the Texas oil fields and once erected, pumped over one thousand galleons of water per hour and was the largest windmill in the state of Arizona.

Tahiti off-shore island Moreau, where Robert stayed during a film making sortie a number of years back. While there he was looking for the best place to build his future vessel the SS-1P a large prototype trimaran vessel of about 15 thousand sq. ft of living space.

The "Fairweather One" a 67 ft. Catamaran Sailing Vessel was designed and built by Robert D. Miles and his working partners. It had 3,000 sq. ft. of working and living space. The mast is 80 ft. off the water. The ship carried 3,000 sq. ft. of sails, had twin diesel engines, and a cruising speed of 18 knots.

The Safespace vision is a short explanation of Robert's Mission to help better the conditions on Planet Earth.

Fastwalkers . Robert D. Miles was the Exec. Producer, producer, director, writer, and head of marketing of this motion picture. Fastwarkers has been awarded nermerous prestigous awards and has premired in five country and had many sold out big screen showing worldwide.

All DVD and Book orders purchased from this Timestream Pictures website direct via our shopping cart within the USA are shipped as Delivery Confirmation Priority Mail. This means delivery direct to you with a confirmed address.

Here Robert is pictured during a press conference in San Francisco as the official public relations person for the country of Honduras. Robert was in charge of heading up their vast "Hurricane Fifi's" relief campaign following this catastrophic tropical cyclone which killed thousands.

Robert D. Miles, Owner and President Timestream Pictures Filmmaker/Screenwriter/Author

Company: TimeStream Pictures

Modern Gold Miner and Treasure Hunter magazine. Robert D. Miles was the co-owner and publisher of this four color publication.

"Token" Ring With The Starship "Titha" Emerging From Within Planet Earth's

Third Dimension

Robert D. Miles is an industry professional with a fifty year track record of successfully doing business with a number of America’s largest and most prestigious entertainment and business corporations.

His skills include authorship and ad agency services, where he currently acts as the director of Miles Media and Marketing, for Timestream Pictures overseeing all brand marketing and distribution campaigns for both Timestream and client companies.

Within the film and motion picture industry, Robert is well known for his skills as a screenwriter, trans-media producer, motion picture line producer, director, editor, and camera operator.

He is the President/Content Producer/Editor/Writer for Timestream Pictures which has in production and release, a number of past and current film projects as well as a on-going YouTube channel.

Titha is a three mile long Corvette Cruiser on station near Jupiter after having passed through a token ring and into our three dimensional universe from the fifth dimension.

These Token rings are in operation today and used currently by our off-planet Space Navy and other types of ET craft coming and going though- out both time and space without regard or the knowledge of the mass population of planet Earth.

Wes Studi, actor from "Avatar" and Robert D. Miles at the Red Carpet premiere of "Fastwalkers" at the Roswell, New Mexico "UFO World Day" celebration.
The "Fun and Games"  a 47' trimaran built in Portland, Oregon and was sailed to Hawaii in 1970. It was aboard this vessel that Robert had his contact experience.

Token Rings .

A typical Hawaian Sunset photographed by Robert. Hawai was his home for serval years and one of his faviorte hangouts. This view is from the western shore line near the town of Kona.

 Ice Cold In Phoenix is a general release motion picture premiered in Milan Italy. Robert D. Miles Executive Produced, and Line Produced this feature. With 11 actors and 17 days of shooting by Anthony T. Miles in the Phoenix desert it was a chalanging film.

Safespace The Vision

Here Captain Robert is shown standing in front of his part time home in the eastern coastal town of Bluefields which is the capital of the South Caribbean Autonomous Region (RACS) in Nicaragua.Robert is a frequent visitor to Nicaragua.

The Starship Titha

Robert is shown here when he was a dynamite man working in Alaska. He stands here next to a Mac dump truck filled with over 20 tons of the Dynamite Explosive Nitroglycerine (NG).

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