Lycandroids Super Soldiers and

the Freedom War.

Lycandroid Super Soldiers attack humans as FreedomWar breaks out and computers die worldwide. Super human -hybrids are killing

humans and USA government is taken over by the NWO and Nazis and Alien Overlords from off-planet.

You Can't Handle The Truth
Alien Science
and Spirituality
Pilot Encounters
and Underground Bases
Contact With Aliens
Cosmic Watergate

The script for this new film is based upon my original "Safespace" story, which is now greatly expanded. There are many new characters added, the story is greatly expanded and filled with adventure, action, romance, and high stakes drama. Written in an easy to read style that is book like-in form, people who have never read a screenplay will have no difficulty with the format as an easy, enjoyable read. Just click "Add To Cart" to order a four color printed edition or you can also order it in a PDF file format for only $9.95 .

"Safespace The Briefing"  Screenplay Movie Script

What The President Doesn't Know

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This is the trailer for our new UFO series from Reality Entertainment.There are eight DVDs available now, and lots more in depth films coming.

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"Safespace," the book tells the story of Regon Varce who is in command of the Intergalactic Starship Titha. His mission, to destroy  Earth's populations and culture leaving Earth with only a few scattered survivors. Will he save planet Earth instead freeing us all? This book by Robert D. Miles, won the "Editors Choice" award from iUniverse publishing .

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