Robert O. Dean and Steve Bassett, Founder of the X Conference, at the "Fastwalkers," motion picture premiere.
Charles Hall at the "Fastwalkers" motion picture premiere.

These are photographs of the "Fastwalkers" film project which became the most successful UFO/ET disclosure documentary ever released. "Fastwalkers" won many international awards and was premiered in five countries. Over 3 million illegal copies were downloaded on YouTube.

An early attempt to build the largest

trimaran in the world. Construction took place in Sausalito, near San Francisco, California. This project failed and the ship project was never competed.

The "Tanya" a 44' gaft-rigged Ketch, salvaged and rebuilt by Robert and partners, in Portland, Oregon in the 1960s. The ship was  constructed of wood, but dry rot damaged the wood hull, which was later replaced entirely with steel. When completed, the Tanya was featured in "Sail" Magazine.

The "Reel Adventure" 27' dory

designed and built for fishing in Alaska .

Robert and his family shark fishing in

Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington

Our windmill was reconstructed after discovering it in a junkyard ready to be scrapped. Built in 1931, it was a relic from the Texas oil fields and once erected, pumped over one thousand galleons of water per hour and was the largest windmill in the state of Arizona.

Here is a series of photos from our organic farm called "Mile High Ranch" in northeastern Arizona. The greenhouse was made from salvaged glass doors and helped heat the house as well as the plants during the cold high desert nights. The house was a log cabin, moved in from over 65 miles, using a house mover. We had our own 10 KW generator, as well as solar, for our electric. Our produce was sold to health food stores in Phoenix, Arizona, a trip of over a hundred miles to market.

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The Starship (Titha) emerging into the 3 dimensional universe through a "Token Ring" near Jupiter. See the "Safespace"

book or "Safespace The Briefing" screenplay for more information.


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Wes Studi, actor from "Avatar" and Robert D. Miles
at the Red Carpet premiere of "Fastwalkers" at the Roswell, New Mexico "UFO World Day" celebration.
The "The Kings X"  a 45' trimaran built in Los Angeles, California  and was sailed to Mexico in 1973. This ship was stolen in Acapulco and never recovered.

Leslie S. Mitts, Author

and Producer.

Timestream Pictures Action Movies  and Books

Fastwalkers . Robert D. Miles was the writer, producer, and director of marketing of this motion picture.

 Ice Cold In Phoenix is a general release motion picture premiered in Milan Italy. Robert D. Miles Executive Produced, and Line Produced this feature.

Wendelle C. Stevensat the "Fastwalkers" motion picture premiere.

Ships designed, built, and sailed by Captain Robert D. Miles, his partners, and crew.

"Safespace," the book tells the story of Regon Varce and his attempt to help save planet Earth. The book by Robert D. Miles, won the "Editors Choice" award from iUniverse publishing .

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White Mountain Independent article featuring the guests celebrities who attended  the "Fastwalkers" motion picture premiere in Show Low, Arizona USA . "Fastwalkers"was shown to hundreds of people on the big screen in HD for five days to "sold out" attendance.
Jim Dilettoso, Founder of the Village Labs, with Robert D. Miles
at the "Fastwalkers" motion picture premiere.
Anthony T. Miles, Director of "Fastwalkers" and Dennis Rosay
at the "Fastwalkers" motion picture premiere
in Show Low, Arizona USA.

Lycandroids are real creatures, which may

be hybrids, and stand 7-8 feet tall, and weighing as much as 800 pounds.

Accepting the "People's Choice" award

and  "Best Sound" award from the

International UFO Congress for "Fastwalkers."

Modern Gold Miner and Treasure Hunter magazine. Robert D. Miles was the co-owner and publisher of this four color publication.

The "Fun and Games"  a 47' trimaran built in Portland, Oregon and was sailed to Hawaii in 1970. It was aboard this vessel that Robert had his contact experience.

The "Fairweather One" a 65 ft. Catamaran Sailing Vessel was designed

and built by Robert D. Miles and his working partners. It had 3,000 sq. ft. of working and living space. The mast is 80 ft. off the water. The ship carried 3,000 sq. ft. of sails, had twin diesel engines, and a cruising speed of 18 knots.

Leslie S. Mitts researcher and investigator of the Lycandroid creature, as featured in the new book

"Lycandroids Super Soldiers and the Freedom War".

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