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For more information on how to get involved in one of our lifestyle projects,  please contact Robert D, Miles at rdm@safespace project.com and be sure to visit the Safespace Project website at www.safespaceproject.com

"This is your opportunity to experience a whole new and exciting way of life. If you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work come sail with us.thing." - Robert D. Miles from the .Safespace Project Handbook.

TIMESTREAM PICTURES brings you the best in entertainment, offering you films on topics such as travel, adventure, UFOs, the Paranormal, and interviews from around the world. Some of our features are FREE while others are available for purchase as downloads and also as DVDs.

Here you will discover a "gateway to a whole new way of life" including videos on organic gardening, wind/solar/alternative energy, along with  informative reviews of exciting new feature films and books.

Forthcoming will be information on prospecting for gold prospecting, RVing i.e.recreational vehicle living; ship building, sailing, and the live-aboard lifestyle. Soon we will launch several health and lifestyle enhancement projects including community ship creation projects and community lifestyle projects.

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TIMESTREAM PICTURES is the media site of Robert D. Miles and Leslie S. Mitts. For more information contact Robert at rdm@safespaceproject.com

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