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My Encounter Experience
My Encounter
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My Encounter Experience”


Robert D. Miles  Creator / Founder

"I was not abducted ... I went willingly..."

An extraordinary event occurred in my life over fifty years ago. At the time, I lived aboard a sailboat, a forty-seven foot trimaran. This modern trimaran three-hulled vessel had been built by my partner and me in Portland, Oregon, and sailed down the Oregon-California coast in the spring of 1968. After several months in San Diego, California we sailed on to Hawaii, a voyage of over twenty-four hundred miles. This sailboat was our home for over two years.

Early one morning, just a couple of minutes after five A.M., I looked out the open skylight from my bunk at the beautiful early morning sky. The sailboat was tied to a dock in the Alawi Yacht Harbor in Honolulu, Hawaii. I had gotten up a littler earlier, dressed, made coffee, and then returned to stretch out on my bunk. My mind was filled with the events of the coming day. My partner and I had just sold the boat and the new owner would take possession within a few hours.

Suddenly, I experienced a dazzling array of shimmering light followed by an intense tingling of energy, which filled the entire stateroom and engulfed me. My entire body began to vibrate as a beautiful woman materialized in the walkway right next to my bed. My first reaction was, of course, to believe that I was dreaming or perhaps hallucinating.

She spoke to me and took my hand. In a matter of moments, I came to understand that she was real and much more alive than I. The energy aura that she emanated made my entire being vibrate at a level that could only be described as ecstasy. I asked, "Why have you come to visit me?" She replied, "I and others like me are friends and we want you to come to a very important briefing." Moments after agreeing to go with her an unparalleled series of events occurred.

First, I was teleported to New York City. I then boarded a saucer-like spacecraft and was transported to an

extraterrestrial location for the briefing. The extraterrestrials orchestrated the briefing to give me and about fifty other guests a glimpse of Earth's history.

They also showed to us a dramatic and vivid view of humankind's potential destiny. After the briefing, I was asked to undertake a mission to help change the conditions on our planet through using our abilities and our mental thoughts to bring about positive changes.

Upon returning to the sailboat, I realized that only thirty-three minutes had passed. However, from my personal perspective, it seemed like many unhurried hours had been spent with these incredible beings.

To this day, I remain convinced that the series of events were real and not a dream or delusion.

Much of this information is contained within the “SafeSpace” book which I published in 2003. Some of that story is fact, and some of it is fiction. We are currently working to bring the Safespace Encounter Experience to the screen.

If you attended this briefing or a similar one, or if you would simply like to help make a Safespace possible, I would like to hear from you.

I can be contacted by email at rdm@safesaceproject.com

Your can find out more about the ongoing Safespace Projects on my website under the “Safespace Projects” dropdown menu.

Ad Astra “To The Stars!” ....       Robert D. Miles  /  Founder