I did not expect it to be great but did think it was going to be good.
Absolutely magnificent. I did not expect this book to be so fluidly well written and exciting. It *really* does get your blood pumping and it's virulently energetic. It's not frightening more than exhilarating but it's piece together into this incredibly powerful impact from the story. I did not expect it to be great but did think it was going to be good. More than recommended!

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This ancient drawing again reminds us of the savage and dangerous beasts that may have been Lycandroids

Lycandorids are real creatures and range thoughout at the very least the entire United Sates and Europe. They can run at tremendous speeds and even leap tall building. Vicious and savage they are often seen in pastures and forests preying on horses and cattle and even humans.

Lycandroids are huge standing 7' to 8' tall and weighting up to 800 pounds. Extremely dangerous to humans as well as livestock.

Large Anubus Statue at the Denver International airport. See the amazing likeness to a Lycandroid.

This ancient werewolf rendering reminds us of the tales of strange and dangerous beasts that may have been Lycandroids

Lycandroid Information

Check out these reviews from those who have read the book Lycandroids Super Soldiers

and the Freedom War.



Lycandroids ... Super Soldiers

and the Freedom War"

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The Lycandroids saga is based upon a real, violent, and virtually unknown beast.

After WW2 the Pentagon initiated a secret Super Soldier experimental weapon that was spawned in a Nazi Fourth Reich laboratory deep in the bowels of the earth near Dulce, New Mexico in cooperation with the off-planet OverLords.

In late 2012 the anonymous hackers launched the Vendetta Virus that brought down every computer system and microchip-embedded device in the entire world. Then came the Freedom War when the people of planet Earth rebelled against the bankers and giant corporations that had enslaved them for almost a century.

Virtually every country of the world, in 2014, is in chaotic anarchy. Humankind faces the grim reality of struggling for survival, not only against other humans, but primarily against what may be the strongest and most vicious monster on land...the Lycandroid!

Lycandroids are one of the most dangerous and terrifying beasts humankind has ever encountered...with the superhuman strength, blood lust, biologic adaptability, and intelligence capability to eliminate vast numbers of humans.

It is a bipedal wolfen monster that can stand over seven feet tall, walks on its hind legs, and possesses the strength of ten strong adult human males. It is a very real creature that everyone needs to be aware of. Your life may depend on it!

Free... Listen To This two Chapter Read by  Radio and TV host Chip Reichenthal.

You've heard the tales, the urban legends... Werewolves, chupacabra, dogmen.


 Not ONLY true, but man-made?! We call them LYCANDROIDS, built for the sole purpose of 'correcting' overpopulation and under the control of "Off-Planet Overlords". We always seem to find a way to come together in crisis.

What would YOU do?

I could tell you put your heart and soul into the Freedom Fighter Lycandroids book.

Your attention to detail is what held my attention and caught my attention.
Perhaps God used your talent to write the book to touch my life and open my eyes. I picked up your lycan book and read for hours, at least 6 hours per day. It absolutely held my attention at 100%.  I read it in four days and read it all over again... and no book has ever held my attention like your book has done. Donald Coleman Jr of Pickwick Dam Tennessee

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