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Agge's co-host of

"The Universal Consciousness Show”,

Diana Serafim located in Germany

"We Live In A Mind-Created Universe and you create your own reality"... Aage Nost

Agges Nost host of
"The Universal Consciousness Show”
is located in Tuscon, Arizona USA

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Aage Nost is a Commercial Airline Pilot, Radio Show Host, And A Leading UFO Researcher

Email Contact: rdm@safespaceproject.com

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This Fastwalker Open Files Volume 7

DVD is an informational program and is 2 hours in length

Your brain connects you with all the

possible realities that have ever existed.

Every thought is a new reality, and every

consideration determines whether it is

positve or negivative.

Aage Nost... UFOs Are Real.
And I Have Seen Many Of Them.Most pilots won't report them for fear of being grounded or ridiculed.

Call for Information - [423-453-4911]. 

Fastwalkers Open Files

Aage Nost

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AAGE NOST is an author, radio & TV talk show host, and researcher into the Paranormal, Quantum Physics, Mind Power, and Reverse Aging.

Aage speaks of his Universal information “mental download”, techniques to communicate and manifest with the Universal Mind, who/what humans are, time travel, the ET invasion, the Inner Earth cavity, mermaids, “death”, Eugenics genocide, the NWO, UFOs, Disclosure, and what the future will be like.

There are also pictures of UFOs, ETs, artifacts, structures, and humanoids. Some are structures on Earth's Moon.

In addition, Agge's co-host of “The Universal Consciousness Show”, Diana Serafim, speaks of ”Epigenetics”... her studies into healings of/with the mind and how she healed herself and her daughter of several debilitating diseases.

To contact Aage email him at  "AAGE Foundation" <theone.7@netzero.com>

Aage Nost Has Produced Television Shows In Tucson, Arizona And Extensively Studied Time Travel. His books and lectures help people discover who they are and why they are here.

Timestream Pictures Motion Pictures And Books. Movies Playing Hitler's Escape To Argentina, Fastwalkers, Safespace Project, UDOs Chronicels DVDs and Aliens.Timestream Pictures exposing the lies, and cover-ups of the media,,and the NWO. 

"Reality" is created in your Physical Mind. It is important what you think as it

creates both your own "Personal Reality" and the "World Mind" reality

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Listen LIVE to Aage and Diana

on Mondays at 11:00 a.m. PTS www.beaconoflightradio.com

Aage Nost is a Commercial Airline Pilot with over 10,000 hours of logged flight time and over 1,000 hours of flight

time flying inverted while teaching aerobatics.