Ships designed, built, and sailed by Captain Robert D. Miles, his partners, and crew.

Robert and his family shark fishing in

Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington

Tom Morey is world famous for his creation of

advanced designs and surfboards.



 The "Reel Adventure" 27' dory designed and built for fishing in Alaska . 

An early attempt to build the largest trimaran in the world. Construction took place in Sausalito, near San Francisco, California. This project failed and the ship project was never competed.

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Robert D. Miles HD Video Production

We are happy to announce this "Boat Ownership Special Team Project". A small limited number of owners will be selected to purchase or build a cruising vessel and  and outfit it for extended cruising. A documentary film will also be produced and those who are selected will receive and share in revenue from this project. All team members will recieve basic sea-going instruction from both Captain Robert D.Miles and other members of the Team.

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Tom Morey the original creator of the

 "Boogie Board" is our Technical Advisor

A Project that Failed

Timestream Pictures Action Movies and HD Video Production

The "Fun and Games"  a 47' trimaran built in Portland, Oregon and was sailed to Hawaii in 1970. It was aboard this vessel that Robert had his contact experience.


We are happy to announce this "Boat Ownership Special Team Project". A small limited number of owners will be selected to purchase or build a cruising vessel.Once it is outfitted we will sail it to the Atlantic and take it either to the  Bahamas or do some extended cruising. We may also charter it for additional income. Those who are selected will as be included in a documentary film and will receive income from its distribution.

We may build a 50 Foot Catramaran using the latest foam and wood techniques. This ship is currently being designed by Robert D. Miles with technical support by Tom Morey the original creator of the "Boogie Board". There are over 500,000 Boogie Board owners in the world. Tom is also a world renown creator of advanced surfboards as well as a mathematician and aerospace engineer.

The "Tanya" a 44' gaft-rigged Ketch, salvaged and rebuilt by Robert and partners, in Portland, Oregon in the 1960s. The ship was  constructed of wood, but dry rot damaged the wood hull, which was later replaced entirely with steel. When completed, the Tanya was featured in "Sail" Magazine.


Boat Ownership Special Team Project

A documentary will be filmed and the Special Team Boat Owners will be featured.

Robert D. Miles is a well know and experienced film maker with 17 films currently in distribution worldwide on platforms like Netflix and Amazon. For more information on these films see the product and information pages listed in this sites menu. For a listing of films produced by Robert please click the yellow link below for his profile on the International Movie Database. Also for complete bio for Robert please click below.

Do You Dare To Dream

The most important ingredients in any Special Team Project is if the "right people can be gathered together and if they can work together for a common goal".

Physical requirements like having enough materials, or  even enough money, can be overcome if the Team is dedicated and share a common purpose.

If you have the spirit of adventure and are willing to work come sail with us. Interested, in a lifestyle change? Because if you are, we invite your to check this project out. Just click on the link in blue and fill out the form link beside this paragraph.

What is currently underway?

How do I qualify to be considered?

Safespace Special Team membership is offered to those unique individuals who wish to contribute their creative efforts and skills to bringing about one of the Safespace Projects Special Projects. An example of a Special Team activity was the recent project of creating the Fastwalkers full length HD documentary.

Other Important Ship Related Information

Ad Astra “To The Stars!” High Regards....

Robert D. Miles Creator/Founder

The Possible First Step

Robert is currently looking at purchasing some type of vessel for both water-going and live aboard training of possible particapants for the SS-iP Prototype vessel.

     The Safespace One Prototype Vessel Designated (SS-1-P)

The Safespace One Prototype Vessel designated (SS-1-P) while still a concept ship, is currently under construction in the virtual universe. We invite you to assist us to make this dream become a reality.

Once actual construction begins our plans are to also use the SS-1-P in as a movie set.  Construction will begin immediately once funding, and personnel have been secured.
Experienced ship builder and sea captain, Robert D. Miles has been working diligently to develop plans for a shipyard construction area as well as working out construction details and personnel  requirements for building the ship.

Anyone interested in being a part of the special ship construction team should email us their pertinent biographical information as soon as possible.
The actual vessel, the SS-1-P, will be approximately 130 feet long and 80 feet  wide, with five decks. The vessel will have approximately 25,000 sq. ft. of  living and working area and wilh accommodations for twenty crew members and their families as well as spacious accommodations for up to ten guests.

While different locations are being considered for the actual construction of  the ship, Chattnnooga, Tennessee USA currently tops the list of  possible locations. Located on the Tennessee river Chattanooga and its surrounding communities have numerous  connecting waterways which can easily support an ultra-modern shipyard with local support  and skilled craftsmen available to assist the special Safespace construction  team to rapidly assemble the ship.

Upon completion of the film the SS-1-P will begin a tour of East coast rivers, and cities and then head on a tour of virtually every major port on planet Earth.

Major media will be involved and film, video, motion picture, radio show host, and public relations, product placement, and people of all talents and abilites are invited to apply

The "Fairweather One" a 65 ft. Catamaran Sailing Vessel was designed and built by Robert D. Miles and his working partners. It had 3,000 sq. ft. of working and living space. The mast is 80 ft. off the water. The ship carried 3,000 sq. ft. of sails, had twin diesel engines, and a cruising speed of 18 knots.

The "The Kings X"  a 45' trimaran built in Los Angeles, California  and was sailed to Mexico in 1973. This ship was stolen in Acapulco and never recovered.

Robert D. Miles Latest Film

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