The Sea Gods After Atlantis
Biography of a Race of Man

At last a book that sheds new light upon the mystery of Atlantis.  In print for the first time is an account of preparations made by a few enlightened scientists in adapting humans to ensure that some would survive the fall of their civilization
Here is the history of those survivors who formed the nucleus of a new race, their philosophy and their continuing cultural achievements as told by one of their descendants to the writers.
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The origin of the Ladder Path is inextricably woven into the fabric of Atlantean history. Introduced into Atlantis at the peak of her spiritual attainment and when her cultural achievements were unsurpassed by any civilization, past or present, it was founded for the noblest of reasons. The source of the Ladder Path was and still is Shamballa.

382 pages ISBN 1-55026-009-x


Training of an Adept
   The Ladder Path

Being empathic, they chose to not live with the barbaric human tribes but stay hidden in undersea and inner-earth bases.  They now recognize that some humans are worthy of interaction, and Valerie is one of those.  She assisted them in sharing their history in The Sea Gods After Atlantis and their knowledge in Teachings of the Sea Gods. Dagon mentioned the "lords of Shambala" among their teachers.
Their species have been residents of Earth for 60,000 years. They are good genetic engineers. They engineered some gills in the side of their neck to extend their underwater capacity outside of their flying machines.  They say they created the Mer-people, mixing their genes with those of dolphins and made them empathic. Now the Mer-people prefer to hang out with dolphins because they put out better vibes.
The six groups of eternal spiritual beings that I have spoken about are cetaceans, bigfoot, Homo sapiens sapiens, Homo alterios spacialis, Dagon's Atlantean people, and the reptiloids of the inner Earth as described by Lacerta.  The first two are genetically designed to be non-technological, and the last four have technologies sufficiently advanced to easily come and go from this planet.  They all call Earth their home.  Some of the "Flying Saucers" we see belong to each of those last four species.  Others belong to our off-planet friends. 
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"The writer, in contact with an Atlantean who speaks for his people who survived  the Deluge that sank their homeland, shares their history with you, the reader. He warns of the pitfalls that led to that loss, how they survived, their recovery, and tells of a Path that can lead to peace on Planet Earth." Many blessings from Dagon and me... Valerie Bonwick


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Teachings of the Sea Gods
The Adept and the Path

Established when Atlantis was at the peak of her civilization, the source of the Ladder path of initiation was and is Shamballa. In preparation for the coming Golden Age, Man's experiences during the Polarian, Hyperborean, Lemurian, and Atlantean Ages are correlated with the steps of the Path leading the Quester to adeptship and attainment of the 26th sense.  This achievement prevents anyone who has acquired it from ever again making mistakes on the Physical plane.

These chapters explain how Man relinquished his near immortality on the Physical plane, they also reassure us that under specific conditions, Man's loss is not irreversible.

384 pages ISBN 1-55026-003-0

Review by Lt. Col. Donald M. Ware
Three Amazing Books On Atlantis Now AvailableWritten By Valerie Bonwick and John Bigras

A great deal has been written in  the past concerning Initiation into higher  levels of consciousness  on the Path without differentiating between the titles, Initiate, Adept, and Master.  “The Ladder Path” of training prepares the reader for acceptance on whichever  path is their choice when they are ready. An Initiate is one who has passed the Ist major initiation or more. An Adept is one who has passed 5 major initiations or more, and usually works as a solitary , although he or she may have a circle of very close friends.

A Master is one who has passed major initiations or more and as  a Teacher, usually takes students. Whether  the reader chooses to train as a n Adept or Master, a very dynamic expression of energy is involved with the Way ahead  now. Training on the Ladder Path ensures that at any time, an Adept may decide to train students as a  Master, or a Master retire in solitude to pursue his purpose as an Adept. He or she will respond to the needs of the  Hierarchy. The Ladder Path reviews the readers auric signature, the chakras and  the Initiations, combining studies concerning the skills of the Magi with service to the planet.

Training on the Path has been accelerated , thus ensuring that a specific number of Initiates are prepared for the moment, we are told,  when the “Time-Curve” is intercepted by Man’s evolutionary purpose, and is elevated sufficiently for Man to advance to a  higher turn of the spiral, and initiate the next Golden Age. We are told that at certain times,  the appearance of an Avatar  on Planet Earth is made possible, but it is in response to a signal from Shamballa, and  then initiated by an unique expression of Celestial Yantra  that an Avatar will come to our world.

In the summer of 1992 , the present writers witnessed the following patterns of Celestial Yantra   after the call from Shamballa was sent forth. We decided to step out on our balcony before  going to bed. It was a very dark night, and looking up at the night sky, we  witnessed the following phenomena. One by one,  large symbols of the major religions of mankind  appeared one by one in brilliant colors of red, green and gold. The Star of David  for Judaism. The Christian Cross. The symbol for Hinduism.   The symbol for Islam. The Lotus symbol for Buddisim, and lastly a bouquet of Wildflowers. We asked what was the meaning of the wildflowers, and we were told that they represented  the tribes and small groups of people on Earth who were on the Path. The symbols were very large and clear cut and remained in the night sky for some time, as is the message remaining with us that indeed that once again an  Avatar will  walk among us on planet Earth.

In “Teachings of the Sea Gods” we learn of the origin of the “Ladder Path” and of seeking and finding the Path, as well as treading and becoming the Path.  The chakras  and their levels of realization are discussed in depth, as well as the Trilogy of Karmic Doctrine, and the Origin of the Races of Man. An Adept becomes an Adept by “doing” as well as by “being.”  In doing so, all  levels of consciousness are involved and employed. it is sometimes stated by the unknowing , that by practisting a harmless form of reality, they are emulating  “the hermit in his cave” or  an Adept ignoring the World’s “trappings.”  If an individual is an Adept, he or she may be ignoring the world’s “trappings” but not necessarily ignoring the world. The advanced Adept who choses this path, may be working very closely with righting the woes of the world, for his mind  and energies are not trapped in his body, but what makes you think that he would advertise it? When you become an Adept, you become responsible for making immediate decisions without prompting from your superiors, and   you also learn to express the positive Laws of Transmutation. At this very moment in time, there is a group of Initiates, Adepts and Masters  who are  living on the Earth plane,  encircling  Mother Earth  with power and  working  diligently to transmute negativity Into positiviety.

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In communication with the writers, the descendants of the  Atlantean Deluge, from their cities beneath the seas, share with us their history and the story of their survival, and preserved from their archives, records of the past Ages of Mankind, Polarian, Hyperborean, Atlantean, and the portends for our own Aryan Age. This is the story of those survivors and their hardships, and from the account of their successful recuperation, there is much to be learned  from them that is ofvalue to  Mankind today. They speak of their practice of continuity of consciousness  which leads to the development of  E.S.P. plus. It is this faculty which, when developed and allied with each of the initial sensory faculties, (see, hear, touch, taste and smell)  that leads to the acquirement of the 26th sense which, when active, prevents one from making mistakes on the physical plane. The survivors chose to call themselves  the “ Dagon”  after the great Teacher, who,  in the History of Mexico is credited with bringing corn to that country, and of whom Nicholas de Roerich wrote after travelling through the Altai Himalayas, that  the people there still venerated him.  In communicating with us,  our friend from beneath the ocean has chosen to call himself by the name of his people, “ Dagon.”  

Atlantis Books The Sea Gods

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"Valerie Bonwick is a beautiful soul who has been in telepathic contact with Dagon nearly all of her 82 years.  She and her late husband, Jonathan, served our world well by publishing three books assisted by this loving descendent of the Atlantean society.

Atlanteans were from elsewhere. Most left this planet when the last of their islands went under water 10,500 years ago, but some stayed to rescue their unselfish friends who were political prisoners trapped in the undersea mines by earth traumas."