This is a Token Ring and although it is often referred to as a "Stargate" or a "Wormhole" it is actually just one of millions of egress points placed thought the multi-dimensional universes by the Intergalactic Federation and its predecessor the Confederation of Independent Planets for the purpose to near instantaneous travel between universes, as well as  local, and far distant galaxies.These Token rings are in operation today and used currently by our off-planet Space Navy and other types of ET craft coming and going though out both time and space without regard or the knowledge of the mass population of planet Earth.

"Token" Rings

Special Team Members

Safespace Special Team membership is offered to those unique individuals who wish to contribute their creative efforts and skills to bringing about one of the Safespace Projects Special Projects. An example of a Special Team activity was the past project of creating the Fastwalkers full length HD documentary.

Interested? If so simply send us an email requesting membership. We will send you periodic update bulletins keeping you updated about future projects and activities you may have an opportunity to choose to participate in.Please put the words "Special Team Membership" in the subject line and tell us a bit about yourself, passions , goals, missions, or any relative information regaurding your abilities, interests, and past accomplishments.

The Starship "Titha".

As it emerges from "fifth space" into the three dimensional universe through a "Token Ring" positioned near Jupiter. The Titha is over three miles long and is gold coated. See the "Safespace" book or "Safespace The Briefing" screenplay for more information.

Call for Information - [423-453-4911]. 
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