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A documentary will be filmed and the Special Team Boat Owners will be featured.


The Inner Earth and the Extra Terrestrials

We are happy to announce this "Boat Ownership Special Team Project". A small limited number of owners will be selected to purchase or build a cruising vessel and  and outfit it for extended cruising. A documentary film will also be produced and those who are selected will receive and share in revenue from this project. All team members will recieve basic sea-going instruction from both Captain Robert D.Miles and other members of the Team.

Leslie S. Mitts and Robert D. Miles standing with the publisher of the Roswell Daily Newspaper. His wife is also featured standing next to the Starwars Troopers at this Roswell International 50 Year UFO celebration where a Red Carpet premeire of Fastwalkers was also held.

We may build a 50 Foot Catramaran using the latest foam and wood techniques. This ship is currently being designed by Robert D. Miles with technical support by Tom Morey the original creator of the "Boogie Board". There are over 500,000 Boogie Board owners in the world. Tom is also a world renown creator of advanced surfboards as well as a mathematician and aerospace engineer.


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Lycandroid Super Soldiers attack humans as the FreedomWar breaks out and computers die worldwide. Super human hybrids are killing humans and USA government is taken over by the NWO, Nazis, and off-planet Alien Overlords. Now in 2017 virtually every country of the world is in chaotic anarchy and humankind faces the grim reality of struggling for survival, not only against other humans, but against the strongest and most vicious monsters ever created...the Lycandroids!



Exposed! Hitler did not die in Berlin bunker! He and hundreds of his most senior commanders escaped to South America at the end of World War 2. Even more shocking, proof that the Allied Governments knew he was still alive and  living in Argentina with his wife, Eva.

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Robert D. Miles HD Video Production

Boat Ownership Special Team Project


Tom Morey the original creator of the

 "Boogie Board" is our Technical Advisor

Robert D. Miles is a well know and experienced film maker with 17 films currently in distribution worldwide on platforms like Netflix and Amazon. For more information on these films see the product and information pages listed in this sites menu. For a listing of films produced by Robert please click the yellow link below for his profile on the International Movie Database. Also for complete bio for Robert please click below.




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 Series Volumes:   One, Three, & Four

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Michael Schratt's outstanding interview is one and a half Hours long. It is filled with amazing information, on secret black

budget, covert anti-gravity craft

as well as possible Alien

space-craft. Michael is the worlds foremost authority on what is

really going on behind the U.S. Governments hidden outer space programs.

Aage Nost's expanded edition

of his book "Spiritual Science" is

now available as a  2 hour DVD.

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The Shocking revelations of the escape of Adolf Hitler, Eva Braun, and thousands of top Nazi Officers and Germans to South America prior to the end of WW2.

Robert is an industry professional with a fifty year track record of successfully doing business with a number of America’s largest and most prestigious entertainment and business corporations.

His skills include authorship and ad agency services, where he currently acts as the director of Miles Media and Marketing, for Timestream Pictures overseeing all brand marketing and distribution campaigns for both Timestream and client companies.

Within the film and motion picture industry, Robert is well known for his skills as a screenwriter, trans-media producer, motion picture line producer, director, editor, and camera operator.

He is the President/Content Producer/Editor/Writer for Timestream Pictures which has in production and release, a number of past and current film projects as well as a on-going YouTube channel.

Robert Miles interview. In 1972 Robert Miles was secretly transported to Jupiter aboard a friendly ET spacecraft. Arriving at Jupiter, Robert met with other select humans who were all given a special briefing by ETs that showed the future and fate of Earth if humanity does not change its present course of self destruction.

Robert D. Miles

Robert featured, holding two prestigious EBE Awards. One the “People's Choice” and also the “Best Music” EBE Award from the International UFO Congress for his film "Fastwalkers".

Michael Schratt Trailer

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We are happy to announce this "Boat Ownership Special Team Project". A small limited number of owners will be selected to purchase a cruising vessel and restore and outfit it for extended cruising. Those who are selected will receive and share basic sea-going instruction from both Captain Robert D.Miles and other members of the Team.

Three Amazing Books On Atlantis Now Available

Timestream Pictures Motion Pictures And Books. Movies Playing Hitler's Escape To Argentina, Fastwalkers, Safespace Project, UDOs Chronicles, DVDs and Aliens. Timestream Pictures exposing the lies, and cover-ups of the media, and the NWO. 

Regon Varce is in command of  the Intergalactic Starship Titha. His mission, to destroy  Earth's populations and culture leaving Earth with only a few scattered survivors. Will he save planet Earth instead freeing us all?